Problems pertaining to comprehending and speaking language for communication are best treated through Speech Therapy at Decibel Clinic. Voice disorder, inability to speak clearly, repetition of words and letters while speaking simple sentences and other disorders that occur after some accidents are treated through speech therapy.

Speech problems are often ignored and left to time to get better, but in most of the cases, problems loom large. At Decibel, we educate patients and their families about these problems and offer one stop solutions to all speech related problems. Our highly qualified speech therapists and audiologists work in tandem to treat language and communication difficulties arising out of speech disorders.

Decibel is one of the most renowned avenues in Delhi for speech therapy and treatment for hearing impairment. We also have our presence in Gurgaon and Noida. Our experts focus on distinctive and individualistic problems pertaining to speech disorder while charting out the perfect course of therapy for you.

Decibel provides rehab for following speech problems.



Omission, substitution, addition and distortion of Phonemes characterize the problem of Misarticulation. Till the time, children are young; they show signs of varying degree of misarticulation; which, however gets corrected with time and age. But, in cases where the problem continues after a certain age, it is best advice to seek help of a speech therapist.



It is a language disorder which is largely acquired and the disorder is rooted into the modality of language. Both spoken and written language and ability t communicate can be affected due to Aphasia.



Impaired social communication and general interaction caused due to improper neural development is the reason for Autism. This disorder is also characterized with repetitive and restricted behavior. Autism is evident in children as early as three years of age.



It is also known as stuttering. Prolongation of syllables, sound, phrases and words caused involuntarily is a characteristic of this speech disorder. Stammering also leads to repetition of words followed by pauses or abrupt ending of sentences.

Hearing loss


Inability to perceive, detect and comprehend a range of frequencies of sound, which are easily heard to other people, defines hearing loss. The inability could be partial or full and depends on the degree of deafness a person is suffering from.

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